Monday, August 27, 2012

Build an ark!!

It's happened.  The basement water main sprung a leak. 
Ok, not a leak a geyser!! 
 Food storage,  scrapbooking supplies,  fabric...
 The culprit. 
Tyler had it fixed in no time, and for the cost of about $5.00.  (The little cap on the right...)
When it broke it spewed water to the opposite wall into the food storage shelves.
By the time Kurtis realized where the water was running, there was 1" of standing water in the fruit room.  Thank heaven that only a little of the bottom of the stair space was wet.  
I called Utah Disaster Cleanup.  They were here within an hour, assessed the situation and started to remove the "stuff" from the basement.  They brought all kinds of fans and de-humidifiers.  I didn't worry about anything!!  The shelves are gone now,  and everything is dried out.  I'm still working on the personal damage part of things, but as my BFF Debbie  said, it's all just stuff!! 

first day of kindergarten

Jayleigh goes to Butterfield Canyon Elementary in Herriman.  It's a beautiful school.  Her teacher's name is Mrs. Black. 
It was harder on me than her parents seeing her start kindergarten.  I cried.  She'll do just fine!!