Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This park was similar to Yellowstone. Paved or hard packed dirt roads. You stayed on those roads and toured the park. It was very enjoyable, a little different than the wilderness camps that awaited us.
Hippo's enjoying a little cool mud...

Almost cute enough to want to bring home...almost!!
Have you ever seen a zebra crossing the road?? I have... :)
isn't he c-u-t-e??? ...he's HUGE!!

This is one of THEE best salads I have EVER was simply delicious. I wanted to share it with all of you, although I am still working on taste-o-vision!!

I can't stand it...

This was taken at Sun City. This was the first place we stayed after reaching South Africa. It is a gorgeous place!!
These cute little critters, were right outside of our Hotel room...The people warn that you DO OT OPEN the door, or leave the doors open as the monkeys come in and help themselves. did you notice the skittles bag??? It wasn't from our room!! I took this picture from the inside of our room, through the sliding glass doors. Yes, it was VERY close!!

ooooooo, scarey!!
My sisters and me in front of the GIANT spiderweb!!

Ken, Susan and Karen. Before crossing the rope bridge!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

no blood...ALL guts

As you may or may not know, Dallas had an accident at the Sand Dunes. He was riding his dirt bike and crashed. Earilier that same morning I left for my trip to Africa. While I was sitting in the Los Angeles airport, Tyler called and asked me if I have heard about Dallas. Not the exact words you want to hear. Tyler said to not worry about Dallas, Ty would take care of him. And, Ty did. So did Kurt. and Jeff, and Kyle, and Austin, and Cody, and Brandon, and Megan, and J.D., and Julie, and Julie and Debbie...the list continues.

Thank you to each of you for ALL that you did for Dallas and for me, the Mom.

Yup, Dallas is officially screwed up!!

Can you see the splinters of bone??? Yikes...
This is obviously the "before" picture.

The little incision is on the inside of his foot/ankle where they used a clamp to hold the bone up and in---

Could he be any cuter?

post stitches...

Dallas talked the lady into putting stripes on his cast cuz you know that all he wears is black and white, his riding gear is black and white, etc.

So, this hard cast for 3 weeks, then a boot for another 9 weeks. At least he did this doing what he loves!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

AFTER I took these pictures, the announcer mentioned that you weren't supposed to take pictures...OOPS!!!
Fabulous show...haven't seen it until now. WOW!!

Michelle, do you remember that you sent me a plague from here many years ago??? Had to stop and have a photo-op while this close!!


Did you know that in London this is what they serve for breakfast???

Ok, so it's not a requirement to have
this EXCEPT when you can...and are on vacation!!! YUM!!!

THEE best sisters EVER!! You should be jealous that they aren't yours... :)

Is this a bad sign when the tour guide does this??

Outside of the Crown Jewels display... hm...wonder what's in the bag????

Karen dashing into the phone booth to check on Stephanie and the new baby Oliver.